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Menu Selection: Insert > Object > Pulse Meter

The Pulse Meter object accumulates the differences between consecutive reads of the integer value provided by an Accumulator Object or Counter Input Object (defined by CCT), and calculates the rate of change between each reading of the value. This object also totals the counted pulses and converts them into units of consumption.

The Pulse Meter object must reference a counter/accumulator object to access the counter value that resides in the counter/accumulator hardware device (which is hardwired to the pulse input). The counter/accumulator object is hardware specific, while the Pulse Meter object is hardware independent.

Multiple Pulse Meter objects may share the same counter/accumulator object, and must reside on the same device as the counter/accumulator hardware device.

Note: The Pulse Meter object only handles counters that count forward.

Each Pulse Meter object may have different purposes, such as one calculates the rate over a 60-second period, while others calculate the rate over a 5-minute period. For example, some Pulse Meters are supposed to run only during certain times of the day.