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The Limit Elevation attribute indicates the amount (in percent) by which the demand limit is increased at the beginning of the next interval to obtain the starting value of the demand limit profile. A high value may result in increased shedding toward the end of an interval. Changing this interval affects the next interval, not the current interval.

As shown in cfg1559299018566.html#cfg1559299018566__fig_DEC0F7F7A4F149EF991B671EA537F000, the demand limit profile specifies for each minute the maximum allowed average power during the whole interval. If too much energy is consumed during the first half of the interval, because the limit elevation allowed this consumption, then more loads are shed during the second half of the interval, even though the actual metered power is then below the demand limit profile. In other words, the net effect of limit elevation is to defer aggressive load shedding to the second half of the fixed demand interval.

Figure 1. Use of Limit Elevation on a Demand Limit Profile