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About this task


  • This process is the same when the system is offline, except the binding is done to the archive database instead of the online system. You cannot create, edit, or delete a graphic in online mode with Basic Access.
  • For information on default preferences for graphics (such as status colors, fan colors, state colors, and alarm flashing settings), see Graphic Settings Tab in the Preferences section.

To create a complete graphic:


  1. On the Insert Menu, select Graphic. The Graphic appears.
  2. Follow the wizard instructions.
  3. Drag the graphic from the Navigation Tree to the display panel.
  4. Click on the Background Image icon on the UGT toolbar to import a Static Background image into the graphic.
    Note: To scale imported SVGZ Floorplans from Visio, cut the rescaled image from Visio. Paste the image into Paint. Cut the image from Paint and use paste special as a Device Independent Bitmap into Visio.
  5. Add Symbols as needed on top of the static background.
  6. Bind the symbols to object.
  7. Add Hyperlinks to the buttons and create aliases (if desired).
  8. Save the graphic.
  9. Download the graphic to the online device (if you have created the graphic with the Metasys software offline using the SCT). Upload the graphic to the archive database of the SCT (if you have created the graphic with Metasys software online ).