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ODS Server
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Graphics display in the View mode when you are navigating using graphics and when you first open a graphic. Graphics appear in an active display panel. You must enter the Edit Mode (by clicking the Edit button) to design or edit a graphic. In View mode, you have access only to a limited number of items on the UGT Toolbar. The symbols in the palette on the left do not appear in this mode.

The View mode allows you to command an object bound to a Value Display Box or Analog Fill Bar Graph and to click on Hyperlinks to access linked graphics. Double clicking on a bound symbol in View mode displays the Focus view of the bound object.

For binary point objects, the value and status update every 10 seconds. For analog point objects, the value and status update every 10 seconds. Commands and value changes return a new state/value or error message within 10 seconds or less. The error message could be related to priority (if the system can’t perform the requested function now) or failure to reach a commanded state or value. Error messages appear in dialog boxes.

For a list of mouse shortcuts, see the Mouse Shortcuts: View Mode topic.