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Analog Fill bar graph symbols show the present value of an object by changing the size of the bar in the graph and indicating the present value as a number in the display box. The color of the moving bar graph and the display box background color indicate the status of the bound object. We recommend using Analog Fill Bar Graphs with analog objects.

You can define the minimum and maximum value of the bar graph range. If you don’t define the minimum and maximum for the bar range, the gauge defaults to 0 for the minimum and 100 for the maximum. Under the bar, a value box displays the numeric value of the bound object. Analog Fill symbols can be configured to move vertically or horizontally. To change the orientation of the Analog Fill box, see Gauges: Analog Fill.

In View mode, the display box appears as an edit box, but it is not editable. If you choose, the color of the display box background shows the status of the bound object and the units used by the symbol. Double click on the symbol to see the Focus view of the bound object and right-click to show the command dialog box.