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Button symbols are useful when browsing to another graphic, object, or a website. Buttons support the drag and drop functionality, allowing you to drag items from the navigation tree and drop them in the graphic workspace with the following rules:

If you select multiple objects in the Navigation Tree and then drag a button to the Graphic Workspace, the UGT creates buttons that Alias the selected objects.

If you select a graphic/object in the navigation tree and then drag a button to the graphic workspace, the UGT creates a button bound to the selected graphic/object.

In Edit mode, after you drag and drop a button, click on it to add a label. If you double click on a Button in the Edit mode, the Hyperlink Information box appears. Using this box, you can specify to link the graphic to a graphic, object, or web page, choose display properties, and choose to hide the button. See the Button Symbols topic for more information.

Only buttons support Hyperlinks.

In the View mode, left click on the Button to navigate to the bound object, graphic, or web page. When your cursor passes over a button, the cursor changes into a finger pointer.

See the Buttons step section for information on binding Buttons.