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Graphics provide a visual representation of the monitored systems that enable you to quickly check the status of system symbols and recognize unusual system conditions. Graphics can be designed to allow the user to move through buildings, floors, and other areas, viewing building systems and control processes. You can view, create, and edit graphics using the User Graphics Tool (UGT).

User graphics are usually made up of three parts:

The UGT operates in two modes:

  • The Edit Mode allows you to edit an existing graphic or create new graphics.

  • The View Mode allows you to view existing graphic to monitor and command all systems integrated into the Metasys network.

The UGT is available with the NAE, NIE, ODS, and SCT. You can access the UGT when you are logged in to the Metasys user interface through any web browser. The Group Object represents user graphics in the All Items navigation tree and can be displayed in any active display panel.

Note: If your graphics reference multiple Engines or multiple ODSs, and one device needs to be downloaded, upload all Engine/ ODSs prior to making changes in SCT. This procedure ensures your graphics work consistently.

For information on default preferences for graphics (such as status colors, fan colors, state colors, and alarm flashing settings), see Graphic Settings Tab in the Preferences section.

For more information on configuring an NAE or NIE and for details on user access configuration, see the table.