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Graphics+ files created with the Graphic Generation Tool (GGT) provide comprehensive and three-dimensional views of building automation systems that allow you to monitor the status of a single building or an entire campus of buildings. Unusual conditions are quickly identified on a dashboard screen that can navigate deep into a building, floor, or zone. With minimal navigation, you can diagnose a problem and take corrective action. You can view historical data directly within the graphic, further enabling effective problem diagnosis. You can also issue commands from the graphic.

Graphics+ files are created offline with the GGT, a stand-alone application that runs on a computer with a supported Microsoft Windows operating system. These graphics are then saved as Metasys objects (typically on the Site Director) and viewed within the Site Management Portal UI in any active display panel.

Graphics are usually made up of three parts:

  • one or more background images
  • animated HVAC elements, ductwork or piping, and/or floor plan information
  • buttons that allow you to navigate to other graphics, applications, and Web addresses

You can access a graphic when you are logged in to the Site Management Portal UI through any Web browser. The XAML Graphic Object represents a Graphics+ object in the All Items navigation tree. You can open these graphics in any active display panel.

For information about Graphics+ symbol and element functions, refer to the Graphics+ Runtime Help (LIT-12011708).

For information about creating and editing Graphics+ files, then saving the graphic to an online device ( ODS or supervisory controller) or offline to an SCT archive database, refer to the Graphic Generation Tool Help (LIT-12011697).