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This object contains attributes common to many Metasys system objects. This section includes attributes of the Focus/Configuration tab, the Diagnostics tab (if applicable), and any other tab specific only to this object. See the Object and Feature Tabs section for information on the attributes that appear on the other tabs of this object (for example, the Hardware and Options tab appear on point objects).

Click the attribute name in the table for a description of the attribute.

Note: In the Notes columns, attributes marked with the letter C are configurable, and attributes marked with the letter W are writable. For more information about attribute characteristics, see Attributes.
Table 1. Group Object Attributes - Group Tab

Attribute Name


BACnet Notes

Initial Value


List of Group Membrs




Contains the references (Input References) that define the members of the group. These group members are referenced during a transaction. The list of group members consists of two parts:

  • Object ID

  • Element

All members of the group are objects that reside in the same device that maintains the Group object. Nesting is not allowed. This attribute is only shown in the Snapshot view.

Present Value


Lists the values of all the attributes specified in the List of Group Members. This is a read-only attribute; it cannot be used to write a set of values to the members of the group. The Present Value list reconstructs each time the attribute is read by fetching the member attributes. This attribute is only shown in the Snapshot view.