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The Calendar Object resides in an Engine or FAC and is the internal basis for the calendar functionality of the scheduling feature. Create a Calendar and use it to define a list of holidays or special events that can be used in multiple schedule objects to define different events that need to occur. The schedule executes an exception schedule based on the list of dates defined in the calendar. For example, use a calendar to define different building operations on days such as holidays when the building is not occupied.

A schedule can reference calendars on any Engine or FAC on the site.

Use the calendar feature to:

The following table describes the functions of the Calendar View’s buttons.

Table 1. Calendar Button Functions



Opens Edit mode

Shows the Date, Date Range, and Week and Day details of the calendar entries and allows you to create new entries or edit existing entries when in Edit mode.

Increases or decreases the currently displayed year by one year.

Increases or decreases the currently displayed month by one month.

Returns the display to the current month.

Toggles the calendar display between the 1-month view and 12-month view.