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About this task

The Global Calendar allows you to make facility-wide changes to calendars, such as defining holidays. These changes are tedious if you need to edit many calendars. To solve this problem, you can reference a Global Calendar object in each FAC or NxE. When you edit the values of the Global Calendar object, the dates automatically download into all the local calendars.

Note: If a local calendar references a global calendar, the local calendar date list is not writable and the Edit button is unavailable. However, if a local calendar writes to a BACnet attribute, the calendar may be edited. In this case, do not write to the local calendar date list, because this overrides the dates in the global calendar.

To reference a Global Calendar object:


  1. In the Configuration tab, click the Browse icon to choose the Global Calendar Object Reference. (See Creating a Schedule or Calendar.)
    Figure 1. Global Calendar Object Reference - Configuration Tab
  2. In the Advanced Focus tab, click Edit, then click the Browse icon to choose the Global Calendar Object Reference. (See Editing the Attributes of a Schedule or Calendar.)
  3. Click Save. The Configuration tab adds the date and time of the last Global Calendar Update.
    Figure 2. Global Calendar Update