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This object contains attributes common to many Metasys system objects.

Notes for Anti Spike:

  • Any mapper object used to deliver a raw count value to the Accumulator must provide an unreliable value during startup if the value was not updated from the field controller at the time it is read by the accumulator. For example, a LON counter mapped as an AI point object reports as unreliable until it reads a value from the field controller. If the LON counter is mapped as an AO point object, it reports as reliable even if the value is not initialized, causing improper values to be recorded at the accumulator. This may occur regardless of the value of Anti Spike.
  • Any mapper object used to deliver a raw count value to the accumulator must be allowed to count up without disruption from manual commands, schedules, interlocks, or any other function that may change its value outside the normal counting process. Any such changes may cause the Accumulator to record improper values regardless of the value of Anti Spike.
  • When replacing the input device, set Anti Spike to True before the replacement is brought online for the first time. This setting prevents the accumulator value from spiking upward due to an uncontrolled count value change at the input device. Failure to set Anti Spike to True can upset the accumulator value. You can use a manual preset to restore the correct value after the new device is online.