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About this task

This procedure is for modifying a single item. To modify multiple items, see Performing a Global Modify. For information on editing an item using the Edit button in the display panel, see the Modify section.

You can modify an item from the navigation tree, display panel view (for example, Tailored Summary view), or Global Search Results table.

To modify a single item:


  1. Select and right-click a single item in the navigation tree, display panel view, or global search results. Select the Modify menu item. Or, select a single item and select the Modify command from the Action menu. The Modify dialog box appears.
  2. Make changes to one or more attributes as desired.
  3. Click Send.


Note: You cannot use the modify feature to modify items that reside on a Release 2.2 or earlier device. If you attempt to modify Release 2.2 or earlier items, one of the following errors appears: Object does not exist or One or more attribute modifications failed error appears.