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The Commands dialog box allows you to send a command to a single item (single command feature) or to multiple items at once (global commands feature). You can open the Global Search Viewer or a Tailored Summary, for example, in a display panel and select one or more items from the table to command. For example, you could send a command to open all the reheat valves on VAV boxes so the balancer can balance the hot water system in your facility.

The single command feature uses the Commands dialog box. The global commands feature uses the Global Commands dialog box for sending commands and uses the Change Results Viewer for viewing, saving, and printing the sent global commands.

For information on the Change Results Viewer and how to use it, see the Change Results Viewer section. The Change Results Viewer is used by both the Global Modify and the Global Commands features.

See Using Global Commands with the Global Search in this section for steps on using the Global Search and Global Commands features together.