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Metasys IP Networks for BACnet/IP Controllers Technical Bulletin

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Table 1. Related documentation

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Metasys system limitations and overview

Metasys System Configuration Guide (LIT-12011832)

Installation and specifications of the NCE25

NCE25 Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10143-63)
Installation and specifications of the SNC SNC Network Engine Installation Guide (Part No. 24-10143-01892)
Installation and specifications of the SNE SNE Network Engine Installation Guide (Part No. 24-10143-01647)
Commissioning guide for the SNC SNC Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013295)
Commissioning guide for the SNE SNE Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013352)
Installation and upgrade instructions for the OAS. Open Application Server (OAS) Installation and Upgrade Instructions (LIT-12013222)

Specifications of the Metasys CG Series, CV Series equipment controllers

M4-CG and M4-CV Series Equipment Controllers and M4-XPM Expansion Modules Product Bulletin (LIT-12013105)

Specifications of the Metasys system FAC, FEC, and VMA controllers

Metasys System Field Equipment Controllers and Related Products Product Bulletin (LIT-12011042)

Installation and specifications of the CG series controllers

CG series General Purpose Application Controller Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10143-01698)

Installation and specifications of the FAC series controllers

FAC4911 Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller Installation Guide (Part No. 24-10143-1086)

Installation and specifications of the IOM series I/O expansion modules

M4-XPM Expansion Modules Installation Guide (Part No. 24-10143-02147)

Installation and specifications of the CV series controllers

CV series VAV Box Controllers Installation Instructions (Part No.24-10143-01590)

Integrating BACnet® MS/TP and BACnet IP Devices into the Metasys System Network

BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin (LIT-1201531)

Installation of and specifications for the MS-BACEOL-0 End-of-Line terminator module

MS-BACEOL-0 RS485 End-of-Line Terminator Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10264-4)

Wiring and configuration for the JC-RTR11002-0 BACnet router

JC-RTR11002-0 BACnet Router Installation Guide (LIT-12014229)

Controller configuration tool (CCT) software

Controller Tool Help (LIT-12011147)

Information on BACnet/IP networks with Metasys systems.

Metasys IP Network for IP VAV box controllers and IP Controllers - Configuration Guide (LIT-12012458)