Connected Metasys BACnet/IP network - Metasys - LIT-12012458 - Field Device - 13.0

Metasys IP Networks for BACnet/IP Controllers Technical Bulletin

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A connected Metasys BACnet/IP network is a variation/evolution of an Isolated Metasys BACnet/IP network. A Connected network is in essence a previously Isolated network which is now connected to the IT network by way of a single Ethernet cable and IT IP address.

The primary use case for a Connected network is post new construction. For new construction, an Isolated network can be deployed before the availability of the IT network. Once the IT network is in place, the previously Isolated network can be connected to the IT network.

Similar to a Segmented network (See Segmented Metasys BACnet/IP network), the network engines are assigned IP addresses in the IT address space if they will need to communicate with IP controllers in the IT network, while the IP controllers are assigned IP addresses from the private address space of the BAS network. If there are no IP controllers in the IT network, or if there are but the Metasys devices do not need to communicate with them, the network engine s can reside in the BAS network’s private address space with the IP controllers they supervise. In this case, the application server must reside in the IT subnet allocated to the BAS network for the network engine s and IP controllers to be visible from the IT network by way of the application server .

As mentioned in the Isolated Metasys BACnet/IP Network section above, if the Isolated network was deployed using the same IT subnet which will be used when the network is connected to the IT network, then the conversion of the Isolated network to a Connected network is very easy. Only the configuration of the aggregation switch must be updated; the configuration of the access switches and network engine s does not change.

The following figure depicts a Connected BAS network based on the Isolated BAS network.

Figure 1. Connected Metasys BACnet/IP network