Upgrading Metasys Export Utility - Metasys - LIT-12011527 - Software Application - Metasys Export Utility - 10.0

Metasys Export Utility Installation Instructions

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Metasys Export Utility
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Installation Guide
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To upgrade the Metasys Export Utility, you must uninstall the current version of the software and then install the new version.

  1. If the Metasys Export Utility Schedule Controller icon is visible in the Windows taskbar, right-click the Metasys Export Utility icon and click Exit.
  2. In Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features right-click Metasys Export Utility and select Uninstall.
  3. A Windows progress indicator displays progress during the uninstall process. The progress indicator remains until the Metasys Export Utility is removed.
  4. Several question boxes appear, depending on your configuration. Select Automatically close applications and attempt to restart after setup is complete and click OK.
    Note: Following this step, a series of dialog boxes appears. Any of these dialog boxes may appear behind the uninstallation progress indicator. If this happens, move the progress indicator to make a selection in the dialog box. If you do not move the progress bar so that you can make a selection, you cannot continue uninstalling.
  5. A dialog box to delete the definitions folder appears. Click No.
  6. A dialog box to uninstall the License Activator appears. Click No.
  7. A dialog box to delete the ScheduleInfo file appears. Click No.
  8. The progress indicator disappears when the uninstallation is complete.
    Note: You do not receive a confirmation that the uninstallation was successful. However, the Metasys Export Utility icons and shortcuts disappear from your desktop and startup menu.
  9. Restart the computer. The Metasys Export Utility is now uninstalled.Go to Default Installation of Metasys Export Utility and install the new version of the software.