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Metasys Database Manager
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Use the Database Selection section to choose which of the following databases you want to purge:

  • JCIHistorianDB - trends

  • JCIEvents - alarms (events)

  • JCIAuditTrails - audits

  • JCIItemAnnotation - annotations

  • JCIReportingDB - Metasys UI Reporting

  • MetasysReporting does not appear on this list because it is self maintaining.
  • Annotations entered for events and audits are stored in the JCIEvents and JCIAuditTrails databases. The JCIItemAnnotation database is installed with every ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 and stores annotations for other system items.
  • Metasys Database Manager does not manage the following databases:
    • MetasysFault
    • MetasysFaultTriage
    • MetasysIII
    • MetasysTranslationDictionary
    • MetasysValue
    • XMS

The background of the database name changes color if the database has exceeded the warning or alarm limits defined in the Choosing monitoring settings. A yellow background indicates that the warning limit has been exceeded, and a red background indicates that the alarm limit has been exceeded or that the Metasys Database Manager cannot connect to the SQL Server database.

This section also contains the Purge Data Now button that triggers the purge. You must make selections in the Backup file path and Database selection sections and select a database to purge before you click Purge Data Now.