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The Database Selection section allows you to choose which of the following databases you want to back up:

  • JCIHistorianDB - trends

  • JCIEvents - alarms (events)

  • JCIAuditTrails - audits

  • JCIItemAnnotation - annotations

  • MetasysReporting - Metasys Advanced Reporting System

  • JCIReportingDB - Metasys UI Reporting

  • SpacesAuthorization - permissions, dashboard and widget metadata, Advanced Search Reports and Announcements data.

Clicking the Backup button begins the backup of the selected databases immediately. The backup is a full SQL Server database backup. There is no need to shut down the Metasys Device Manager.

Note: The backup fails if there is not enough disk space for the backup file.

If you select the Rebuild Indexes during backup process check box, SQL Server software rebuilds the database indexes during the backup. The operation may slow down the backup process, but it may speed up database access later.

  • Re-indexing your database temporarily increases your database size by up to twice its original size. Make sure that you have enough hard disk space when you select this option.
  • SQL Server software index rebuilding is a normal SQL Server software database maintenance operation that should be done weekly or monthly depending on data change volume. Refer to the SQL Server software documentation for details on the index rebuilding procedure.