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The Backup File Path field shows the path where the backup is created. By default, backups are created in the same directory as the database files.

The Metasys Database Manager may not be able to restore your databases from all file locations.

Use the default path C:\ProgramData\JohnsonControls\MetasysIII\SQLData.

Click the Browse button to navigate to a new location for the backup databases, but it is best practice that you keep the default path C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\SQLData. The following table outlines the file saving choices in more detail.

Table 1. File Saving Choices



Create New File

Creates a new backup file with today's date as part of the file name. If a file already exists with the same name and same date, it is overwritten. Only the most recent backup file is retained for any day. The backup file is named YYMMDD<DB Name>.bak, where:

  • YY - year
  • MM - month
  • DD - day
  • <DB Name> - the name of the database

For example: 140807JCIAuditTrails.bak.

You can have several files with different dates saved in the same location.

Overwrite File

Overwrites an existing backup with the same name. Only the most recent backup file is retained. The backup is named <DB Name>.bak.

You can only have a single file with this name saved in a location.