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The Metasys Database Manager provides both Managing databases and Monitoring databases functions, which are handled in two separate windows.

On a unified ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 computer, the default path of the Metasys Database Manager is C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Controls. If you have a split ADX, you must install the Metasys Database Manager on the database server computer. Refer to the Metasys Database Manager Installation Guide (LIT-12011553) for details about installation.

Database Management

The ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 Metasys servers include trend, alarm (event), audit, annotation, and reporting databases. The Metasys system also provides summarized information about these databases and database operations. Using the Database Manager, you can back up, purge, restore, and rename field contents in the various databases.

Note: The Restore and Rename functions are available in Expert Mode only. See Expert mode for more information.

Three new SQL databases were introduced at Release 11.0: MetasysValue, MetasysFault, and MetasysFaultTriage. To activate the databases, you need to license the associated Metasys features. The associated Metasys features include Potential Problem Areas, Fault Detection, and Fault Triage. The MetasysValue and MetasysFault databases self-maintain and store a rolling seven days’ worth of data. As shown in the following figure, these databases are not included as monitored or managed by Metasys Database Manager.

Figure 1. Managing Window

Database Monitoring

The monitoring feature continually reads database information and provides alerts on the taskbar, by email, or by using both methods, based on user-configurable warning and alarm levels.

Figure 2. Monitoring window