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Metasys Database Manager Help

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Metasys Database Manager
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Use the following information if you want the Metasys Database Manager to interact with and monitor the trend, alarm (event), audit, and annotation databases on the following servers:
  • Application and Data Server (ADS)
  • Extended Application and Data Server (ADX)
  • Open Application Server (OAS)
  • Network Automation Engine 8500 (NAE85)
  • LonWorks Control Server 8500 (LCS85)
Note: In this document, ADS/ADX includes the ADS-Lite, unless noted otherwise.

The Metasys Database Manager supports all versions of Microsoft® SQL Server® software.

You can use the following options to install the Metasys Database Manager:

  • Add the Metasys Database Manager to the ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 computer at any time before or after the initial Metasys server software installation.
  • Install the Metasys Database Manager on the database server computer of a split ADX.

Important: If you need to perform an out-of-place upgrade, see Performing an out-of-place upgrade.

All versions of the ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 support the Metasys Database Manager, including the ADX servers that run the Metasys Advanced Reporting System, and the ADX servers for Metasys for Validated Environments (MVE). Only ADX servers support MVE. From Release 13.0, Metasys Database Manager supports the NAE85 and LCS85 as both a site director and child device.