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Important: If you are performing an out-of-place upgrade, restore the databases and then rename the device before you install the ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 software. See Restoring a database.

In order for the ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 to continue accessing historical data without interruption, rename the field contents in the JCI databases immediately after you rename the Site Director in SCT. See Renaming a computer after an operating system upgrade using the Metasys rename assistant for a complete list of steps to follow in the rename process.

For more information about the fields on the Rename tab, see Rename tab. The Rename tab is available in Expert Mode only. Expert Mode and the Rename tab are not available to all users. Access is dependent on the user's Windows access rights. See Required access rights.

To rename field contents in a Metasys database:

  1. Run the historian_query_find_other_site_dirs.sql script that is found in Solutions Database article 26394 to scan your Historian Database looking for multiple Site Director names. If you do not have access to the FSC Solutions Database, contact the FSC for assistance or execute the Rename procedure and check the log file after the Rename procedure and verify that there are no errors.
  2. If you do have multiple Site Director names in your Historian Database, contact the FSC to run SQL scripts to resolve the multiple Site Director issue.
  3. Using Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Controls\Metasys Database Manager.
  4. Double-click Expert Mode. The Metasys Database Manager opens in Expert Mode with the Rename tab enabled.
    Note: If the User Account Control box appears, click Yes. If you do not click Yes, the Metasys Database Manager opens with only the Statistics tab available. Verify your Windows access rights. See Required access rights.
  5. Click the Rename tab.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • If you are renaming due to an out-of-place upgrade, deselect Create Backup. (There is no need to create a backup because you have just restored the original backup.)
    • If you are renaming for a reason other than an out-of-place upgrade, click Create Backup and then click the Browse button in the Backup File Path section to browse to a location for the database files. It is best practice to use the default path: C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\SQLData.
  7. In the Old field, enter the old name of the Site Director or device. In the New field, enter the new name of the Site Director or device. Follow the format shown in the following table.
    Table 1. Example Format of Old and New Names

    Reference Being Renamed

    Old Name

    New Name

    Site Director






    Note: The Rename function uses these exact names in the find and replace process. Make sure that you spell and capitalize the old and new names correctly.
  8. Click Rename Now. The status bar displays the status of the rename. When the rename is complete, the following message appears in the status bar: Find/Replace Completed!.
    Note: If a dialog box appears with the message You should stop the Metasys service on the ADX Application Server before proceeding, click OK to proceed with the rename. This message is expected when you perform a rename as part of an out-of-place upgrade.
  9. Open the Microsoft Event Viewer Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.
  10. Expand the Applications and Services Logs and select MetasysDBMonitor.
  11. Verify that the log file contains no errors. If the error Exception Occurred: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.tblPoint' with unique index 'IX_tblPoint' appears in the log file, the rename procedure was not successful and more than one Site Director Name exists in the database. Contact the FSC for assistance in solving this issue.
  12. Install the ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 software.