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If you need to install a new Windows® operating system on the machine currently hosting the Metasys software, for example Windows 10® instead of Windows 8.1 ®, do not complete an upgrade, instead complete a fresh Windows 10® installation. To ensure that you maintain proper functionality of the Metasys software family, complete the following steps:
  1. Remove the existing self-signed certificate. For more information, refer to the Removing or rebinding the secure certificate section in the Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Guide (LIT-12012162).
  2. Back up the Metasys Database Manager, the historical databases, and the ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 software, and store them offline.
  3. Reformat the machine.
  4. Install the software in the following order:
    1. Windows® operating system.
    2. If applicable, install the System Configuration Tool (SCT).
    3. Metasys Database Manager.
    4. Restore the historical databases.
    5. Install the ADS, ADX, OAS, NAE85, or LCS85 software.
Note: If you need to complete an out-of-place upgrade to a new machine or virtual machine, follow the same steps but omit Step 3, regarding reformatting the machine.