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Metasys Database Manager
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About this task

The maintenance, restore, and rename functions shut down the Metasys Device Manager, which disrupts communications for anyone logged in to the Metasys UI and the Site Management Portal (SMP) UI. Backups do not require shutting down the Metasys Device Manager. The backup function does not interrupt access.

The following is expected behavior when a user is logged in to the SMP and you maintain, restore, or rename databases by using the Metasys Database Manager:


  1. Users who are accessing the Metasys system server see blue Xs next to all objects in the navigation tree, as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 1. Blue Xs in SMP UI

  2. The Metasys system terminates the session and displays the login screen.
  3. After the maintenance, restore, and rename functions have finished, users can log in to the SMP UI again.

    At Release 3.1 and later, the Metasys Database Manager on a unified ADX with the Simple Recovery model no longer shuts down the Metasys system for the entire time that it takes to purge records. The Metasys system shuts down only long enough to clean up the database.