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Metasys Critical Infrastructure Manager (CIM) Product Bulletin

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The Johnson Controls® Metasys Critical Infrastructure Manager (CIM) is an advanced integrated application platform intended for mission-critical applications, namely data centers, industrial, and transport, among others. CIM provides open and scalable solutions which support multi-level redundancy, an event log with millisecond accuracy and custom report flexibility, and a choice of built-in open protocol integration drivers.

Meeting the needs of critical infrastructure, CIM enables you to monitor, control, and analyze your physical assets for HVAC systems, critical electrical infrastructure, fire alarms, security and more on one scalable, flexible platform.

CIM offers a modular and scalable design to select a combination of tag license, integration drivers, client stations, among others, that is best suited for an application. CIM also provides deployment flexibility with on-premises, virtual environment, and cloud deployments.