Alarm and event management - Metasys - LIT-12014429 - Metasys System

Metasys Critical Infrastructure Manager (CIM) Product Bulletin

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Product Bulletin
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  • Alarm and event functionality with millisecond accuracy and timestamp.
  • Customizable alarm viewer with role-based access.
  • Alarm pop-up for quick user intimation.
  • Alarm summary: counters by, for example, value, level, and attributes.
  • Alarm suppression: automatic by dependency and manual by user action.
  • Manage all alarms across all systems with one unified solution and implement defined workflows for any eventuality.
  • Alarm notification: SMS and email notifications.
  • Alarm filtration: filter, search and sort alarms by state, levels or attributes - modifiable online.
  • Alarm configuration: five alarm states and 30 alarm levels.
  • Audit trail: for example, user logon or logoff, program execution, alarm masking, and changes to variable states.
  • Add user comments to events in the event logs.
  • On-call module for effective incident management.