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Table 1. Publish type topic properties
Properties Description
TOPIC ID Defines the Internal ID used in MCT.
Display name Currently not in use.
Topic Type Defines the topic type. Select the publish topic type.
Path Defines the first part of the path definition seen in a broker. See Path definition.
Payload Type
Select a predefined payload type. To select a standard predefined payload type, from the payload type list, select one of the following:
  • Minimum
  • Compact
  • Extended
  • Custom

For MQTT Client configuration, click the ellipsis to add a new definition of standard predefined payload type.

Single Pnt Payload Select to append the placeholder $(identifier) to the topic path. As the identifier is unique, a point related topic for all assigned Metasys objects is created and sent. Publishes multiple messages, with one attribute set for each publish.
QoS Defines the quality of service parameter.
Retain Select to have the broker retain the message and provide the most recent payload for the topic to client, when it subscribes to that topic.
Publish Interval Defines publishing period in seconds.
Active Clear this check box to temporarily disable an unused topic.