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Note: You must modify the property parameter to align with the subscribed message received from the broker.

Configure the payload definition for subscribe type topics as custom payload with pair or properties, where the placeholders $(Identifier) and $(PValue) are used.

The MQTT Client uses $(Identifier) to assign the correct value to the present value of the related Metasys point. For example, when the MQTT Client receives the following message in JSON format:
{"ID" : "SP01", "PV" : 20.1}
The Metasys point with object ID = “SP01” is instructed to process value with value 20.1 in priority 16. Priority is fixed for MQTT Client.
The MCT can modify the object ID. However, this modification takes place only in the MQTT project, and not in the SCT database or engine. Figure 1 shows an example of a modified object ID. In this example, you must change the remote payload JSON format to:
{"ID" : "SP0001", "PV" : 20.1}
Figure 1. Modified object ID

The following figure shows an example of a custom payload and Table 1 describes portions of the window.

Figure 2. Custom payload for subscribe type topics
Table 1. Point/payload for subscribe type topics screen frames
Callout Frame Description
1 Topic treeview Displays the topic treeview. You can use the topic data-tree icons to modify the topic tree-path.
2 Topic point Select a point from the topic treeview to view the point object ID, point name, fully qualified reference (FQR), and topic type.
3 Payload definition for subscribe type topics Displays the custom payload configuration options for subscribe type topics.
4 Point treeview Displays the points you can add to a topic.