Creating an MQTT Client Configuration file in the MCT - Metasys - LIT-12013963 - Software Application - Mass Changes Tool - 3.0.0.x

Mass Changes Tool (MCT) Help

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Mass Changes Tool
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User Guide
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Before you begin

Create and store the network engine database in SCT before you start the MCT.


  1. Launch MCT.
  2. Click File > New,
  3. From the New File - Type window, select the MQTT Client Configuration icon, and click Finish.
  4. To connect to the SCT Archive, enter the server name, user name, and password.
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Select the Archive and Network Engine you want to use, and click Next.
    Note: The Devices tree displays Metasys version 12 or later supported engines. To view engines at Metasys Release 11.0 and earlier, select the Show All Versions check box. Do not select an unsupported engine.
  7. Optional: In the Enter Configuration file info window, modify the following fields:
    • Configuration Name
    • Configuration Description
    • Configuration File Name
    • Note
  8. Click OK.