Configuring the point/payload definition for publish type topics - Metasys - LIT-12013963 - Software Application - Mass Changes Tool - 3.0.0.x

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  1. From the POINT/PAYLOAD Definition tab, click the Add Topic Data - Tree icon.
  2. From the Topic ID list, select the topic ID that you previously defined in the Topic Definition tab, and click Save.
  3. Optional: To add a topic sub-path, select and right-click the topic data-tree node, and click Add Topic Sub-Path.
    Note: The path may contain many sub-paths and result in a complex view.
  4. From the topics treeview, select a topic data-tree node or a topic sub-path node.
  5. To add points to the topic tree node, in the Point Treeview tab, select the points, and click Add Points to Topic node.
    Note: You can add a point to any level of the topic path tree.
    Note: If you do not link Metasys points to a topic tree node, the corresponding topic is not included in the generation of the resource file for the MQTT Client driver.