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Table 1. Generic broker definition properties
Parameter Description
Broker ID Defines the Internal ID used by the MCT. To select a predefined broker definition, click the ellipsis.
Display name Currently not used.
Broker Solution Defines the broker solution. In this version, the generic MQTT is the only broker solution provided.
Host Defines the IP address or hostname of the broker.
Port Defines the port number the broker uses for MQTT protocol. Default values:
  • 8883: Secure connection
  • 1883: Unsecured connection
Client ID Defines the name of the MQTT Client used to connect to the broker.
Clean Session To create a new session, select the Clean Session check box. The new session replaces any previous session kept alive.
Enable TLS To apply TLS to a secure connection, select the Enable TLS check box.
Keep Alive Defines the time the broker waits to recognize if the client disconnected in seconds.
Active To activate the broker, select the Active check box. You can define multiple brokers; however, only one broker can be active at one time.