Summary of changes - Metasys - LIT-12011034 - General System Information - Metasys System - Release 11.0

MS/TP Communications Bus Technical Bulletin

Product name
Metasys System
Document type
Technical Bulletin
Document number
Release 11.0
Revision date
The following information is new or revised:
  • Updated Related documentation table to include the latest SNE and SNC engines, and the Open Application Server (OAS).
  • Updated document to include the new XPM I/O expansion modules.
  • Updated document to include the new WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Wireless Field Bus System.
  • Removed TEC30xx from previous references to TEC26xx and TEC30xx series thermostats.
  • Removed the Number of NS series devices supported on the SA Bus section.
  • Revised the SA Bus device limits section.
  • Updated SA Buses with multiple network sensors section with NS8000 series images.
  • Updated SA Bus rules and specifications with Table 2.
  • Replaced the term supervisory engine with network engine throughout.
  • Changed MS/TP to stand for Multidrop Serial Bus/Token Passing and replaced the term Master with Manager.