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MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool User Guide

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MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool
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User Guide
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The FIT is a portable handheld device. It is powered by two AA Alkaline batteries through the on/off power switch. The LCD display is a two-line by eight-character display with backlight, and the keypad consists of four keys. A Four-Pin removable terminal block, and the RJ-12 connector cable provide the interface to the MS/TP bus. The FIT also has a Micro-USB port, which is used to update the firmware and extract report data. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. FIT Physical Features

Note: All the keys on the FIT have a repeat function in which the key action is repeated when the key is held down for more than one second. For example, if you hold down the Down Arrow Key, the cursor field moves down one selection each half second. The repeat rate is the same for all the keys.