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MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool User Guide

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MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool
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User Guide
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The Meter menu turns the display into a voltmeter that is measuring the current voltage seen on the bus. This mode can be used to look at voltage bias levels or to determine if there is any voltage caused by noise sources or improper wiring occurring on the bus.

It is important to understand that once MS/TP communication is active, voltage readings with a Volt-Ohm-Meter (VOM) or via the FIT’s Voltage Menu item Meter are largely irrelevant. These readings could be used and provide meaningful data only if the MS/TP is completely idle due to communication not being activated by an NAE or the FIT tool. For an active bus, to achieve this complete idle state, every controller would have to be powered down, bus connection to the NAE removed and the controllers powered back up. If the FIT is connected to a properly wired bus and indicates Offline, meaning the Bus Health bar is not displayed, the bus is in an idle state and will remain that way until the FIT Tool, NAE or some other device starts MS/TP communication. The FIT is designed to work around typical VOM limitations and can provide idle bus reading on active MS/TP communications. See the Voltage Levels for more information.

Figure 1. Meter Menu