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MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool User Guide

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MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool
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User Guide
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The 1-ON-1 menu is for testing a single controller disconnected from the network. The controller of interest should first be disconnected from the network bus. For the 1-ON-1 test, the FIT should be connected to the controllers MS/TP bus of concern being either the FC bus or the SA bus. The FIT can either be plugged into the RJ-12 jack on the controller if available or wired to the FC bus or SA bus terminal block of the controller.

Note: If the controller being connected to is not disconnected from the network and is in an idle state, the connection can start the token passing on an idle network.

Use the 1-ON-1 test to verify the operation of an individual controller that may be having communication issues when connected to the network or a controller that may not be functioning properly. The FIT 1-ON-1 test communicates to the controller and provide feedback to the user pertaining to the operation of the controller.

Figure 1. 1-ON-1 Test Menu

The 1-ON-1 test provides the following information from a Johnson Controls manufactured controller:

  • Model Type
  • Firmware Revision
  • Application Name
  • Controller Description
  • FC/SA Bus Address
  • Status of EOL termination switch (ON/OFF)
  • Voltage level of RS-485 communication from controller


  • The Up Arrow key is used at any time to return to the previous screen.
  • The EOL is automatically turned on.
  • See Voltage Levels for more information on bus voltage levels.