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MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool User Guide

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MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool
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User Guide
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About this task

The Program File window needs to be updated with the path for the FIT firmware to be downloaded.


  1. Locate and run the Renesas Flash Programmer software. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to download the firmware to the FIT. See Appendix B: FIT Firmware Update Instructions .
  2. In Program File, use the Browse button to locate the FIT firmware file on your computer.
    Figure 1. Renesas Flash Programmer Main Screen

  3. Make sure the W6 Jumper is removed.
  4. Turn the Power Switch on the front of the FIT to the ON position.
    Figure 2. Power Switch—ON

  5. On the Operation tab select Start.
    Figure 3. Flash Operation Confirmation

  6. The flash programming should start as shown in Figure 40.
    Figure 4. Flash Operation—Running

  7. When the Renesas Flash Programming is complete, the window will look like Figure 41.
    Figure 5. Flash Operation—Complete

  8. Turn the FIT Power Switch to the Off position.
  9. Replace the W6 Jumper.
  10. Turn the FIT Power Switch to the ON position.

    The FIT will power and display the proper firmware version on the display screen.

    Figure 6. FIT Firmware Updated

  11. Turn the Power Switch to the OFF position.
  12. Remove the USB 2.0 A Male to Micro USB 5 pin Male Cable from the FIT.
  13. Replace the back cover and return the FIT to the rubber protective boot.