Appendix B: FIT Firmware Update Instructions - Metasys - LIT-12012443 - Software Application - MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool

MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool User Guide

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MS-FIT100-0 Field Inspection Tool
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User Guide
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About this task

To upgrade the FIT firmware, first you need to download the Renesas® Flash Programmer V3.01.00 software. The Renesas software download file is the Renesas_Flash_Programmer_Package_V30100_free.exe. This file is for a Windows-based operating system only.

  1. Download the Renesas_Flash_Programmer_Package_V30100_free.exe file to your hard drive and double-click on the file.
  2. On the main installer window, click Next.
    Figure 1. Renesas Download Main Screen

  3. On the End User License Agreement window, accept the agreement and click Next.
    Figure 2. End User License Agreement Window

  4. Deselect the USB Driver for E1/E20 emulators V1.0100 and the USB driver for Renesas MCU Tools V2.76.01 boxes.
    Figure 3. Select Components

    Note: Change the location for the program at this time, if desired.
  5. Click Next.The Renesas Flash Programmer installation starts. When the installation is complete, click Finish.
    Figure 4. Installation Complete

The Renesas Flash Programmer software is now installed. The FIT firmware is now ready to be programmed. You will need a USB 2.0 Cable A Male to Micro B Male in order to connect the FIT to a USB port on your computer.


  1. Turn off the FIT and remove the rubber protective boot.
  2. Turn the FIT over and remove the battery cover.
  3. Remove the four screws holding the cover to the base as shown in Figure 28.
    Figure 5. Back of FIT

  4. Remove the top cover from the base to expose the circuit board.
  5. Open the Renesas Flash Programmer software: (Start >All Programs >Renesas Electronics Utilities >Programming Tools >Renesas Flash Programmer V3.01.00 >Renesas Flash Programmer shown in Figure 29).The programming tool will open.
    Figure 6. Renesas Flash Programmer

  6. From the File menu, select Create New Project.
    Figure 7. Renesas Flash Programmer—Create New Project

  7. The Create New Project Window will appear.
    Figure 8. Create New Project Window

  8. Select the Microcontroller drop-down window and change the microcontroller type from RH850 to RX100.
  9. In the Project Name window, type in the name of the project. In this example, the project is named FIT Update.
  10. In the Project Folder window type in the location of the project folder you prefer. In this example the project folder location will be C:\FIT.
  11. Select the Tool drop-down menu and change the tool type to USB Direct.
    Figure 9. Create New Project Window—Settings