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M4-XPM Expansion Modules Installation Guide

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M4-XPM Expansion Module
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Installation Guide
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Observe the following guidelines when mounting an expansion module:

  • Ensure the mounting surface can support the expansion module, DIN rail, and any user-supplied enclosure.

  • Mount the expansion module horizontally on 35 mm DIN rail whenever possible.

  • Mount the expansion module in the proper mounting position.

  • Mount the expansion module on a hard, even surface whenever possible in wall-mount applications.

  • Use shims or washers to mount the expansion module securely and evenly on the mounting surface.

  • Mount the expansion module in an area free of corrosive vapors and observe the Ambient Conditions requirements in Table 1.

  • Provide for sufficient space around the expansion module for cable and wire connections for easy cover removal and good ventilation through the expansion module (50 mm [2 in.] minimum on the top, bottom, and front of the expansion module).

  • Do not mount the expansion module on surfaces prone to vibration, such as duct work.

  • Do not mount the expansion module in areas where electromagnetic emissions from other devices or wiring can interfere with expansion module communication.

On panel or enclosure mount applications, observe the following additional guidelines:

  • Mount the expansion module so that the enclosure walls do not obstruct cover removal or ventilation through the expansion module.

  • Mount the expansion module so that the power transformer and other devices do not radiate excessive heat to the expansion module.

  • Do not install the expansion module in an airtight enclosure.

Figure 1. Expansion Module mounting position