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Figure 1. SNE Network Engine (SNE22002 model shown)

The Metasys SNE Series of Network Engines are Ethernet-based, supervisory engines that connect BAS networks to IP networks. The SNE network engines succeed the NAE Series of network engines to further the expansion and enhancement of Metasys supervisory control capabilities.

From Metasys Release 13.0, the Metasys UI replaces the Site Management Portal as the embedded user interface of SNE network engines. The Metasys UI provides system navigation and operation through desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. Password protection, permission access control, and IT security best practices secure network engines from unauthorized access. See Figure 2 for an example of a Metasys site in the Metasys UI.

Figure 2. Metasys UI

The SNE Series of network engines performs a key role in the Metasys system architecture. They provide network management and system-wide control coordination over one or more networks of equipment controllers, including the following Metasys controllers:

  • CG series general purpose equipment controllers
  • CV series VAV box controllers
  • FEC and FAC series field equipment controllers
  • VMA series VAV box controllers
  • TEC series terminal equipment controllers
  • LN series equipment controllers
  • Third-party equipment controllers

These devices monitor and control networks of field-level building automation devices, including HVAC equipment, lighting, security, and fire safety equipment. Among a wide host of features, network engines provide building control scheduling, alarm and event management, energy management, data exchange, historical data storage and management, and custom control logic.

In addition to providing general comprehensive equipment monitoring and control, network engines also offer specialized capabilities by series and model to meet a variety of application requirements. These models are available (where x = 0,1, or 2):

  • SNE2200x-0: succeeds NAE55 Series of network engines.

  • SNE1100x-0: succeeds NAE45 Series of network engines.

  • SNE1050x-0: succeeds NAE35 Series of network engines.

  • SNE110Lx-0: succeeds NAE45-Lite Series of network engines.