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Local Controller Display User Guide

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Local Controller Display
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User Guide
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The Local Controller Display provides enhanced local monitoring of controlled field equipment. This document describes how to operate the DLK0350 Local Controller Display and the built-in display that is available in certain SNC network control engines and CG general purpose controllers.

The information shown in the display can be customized if you configure the display object in the controller application file of a controller with an integral display or of a controller you want to connect a display to, which is configured and downloaded to the controller with the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT). With CCT, you can define the order and groupings of the information, define which points are read-only and cannot be commanded using the display, set the authorization for the display, and set the display preferences, such as timeout settings. For details on how to customize the display, refer to CCT Help (LIT-12011147).

Note: If the display object is not configured in the application, then the display shows all BACnet exposed application points. For more information on how the display organizes the points by default, see Plug and play configuration.