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Local Controller Display User Guide

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Local Controller Display
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User Guide
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The Trends screen displays all the trends that are associated to the points configured for the display. If the display object is not configured, the Trend screen displays all the trends that are associated to the BACnet exposed points. A display connected to an SNC and the SNC with onboard display supports showing trends configured as trend extensions. A display connected to an equipment controller and the equipment controller with onboard display only supports the trends configured in the application through CCT.

You can navigate to the Trends screen from the Main Menu. You can also navigate to a trend from a Point Details screen, if the point has a trend defined. For more information about configuring trends for equipment controllers on CCT, refer to the Working with Trends section of the Controller Tool Help User Guide (LIT-12011147). For more information about configuring trends for SNC engines, refer to SCT System Configuration Tool Help (LIT-12011964).

Figure 1. Trends list screen
Table 1. Trends list screen details
Callouts Description
1 Trends screen heading
2 The blue surround indicates that this is the currently selected trend. The screen displays the name or description of the point, for example OA-T, and the value and unit of the point with the trend, 61.00 deg F for example.
3 Preview of the trend displaying the extent of the variation in values.
4 Indicates this is the first trend of five in total.