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Local Controller Display User Guide

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Local Controller Display
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User Guide
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With the Live Trend feature you can trend the present value attribute of up to two points in real-time, even if the points do not have a trend configured. Live trending can be initiated by selecting the Live Trend option in the Point Details screen of any point from any location in the display, such as the Home screen or Equipment Data screen.

Figure 1. Point Details screen with Live Trend option
Figure 2. Two points with a live trend screen
Callout Description
1 Name or description of the point not in focus.
2 Name or description of the point in focus.
3 The trend chart displaying values over time.
4 Current value of the point not in focus.
5 Current value of the point in focus.
6 Current timestamp and value on the trend.
7 Select to toggle active focus between each point.
Note: Only shown when more than one point is selected to trend.
8 Time in seconds until next data sample.

Appears as Add Point when one point is selected to trend, and appears as Edit when more than one point is selected to trend.

Select Add Point to add an additional point to the trend.

Select Edit to edit the points that are currently trending.

Samples are plotted every 30 seconds in addition to records of any change of value to show data on a graph over a five minute window with the latest 144 samples. When two points are added to the live trend, the active focus can be toggled between each point. When you toggle the point in focus, the screen updates to show the Y-axis for the point selected.

Live trend data continues to be displayed until the user navigates away from the view, or an idle timeout occurs. If the display idle time setting is set for less than 15 minutes, then it is extended to 15 minutes while viewing live trends. If a user's session expires in the next one minute, a popup is shown with the option to extend the session if you select OK. Otherwise, if the session expires, the Live Trend view closes and the user is logged out if they were previously logged in.