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Local Controller Display User Guide

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Local Controller Display
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User Guide
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There are two screens for alarms, New Alarms and Alarms. Using the display, you can go through new alarms with the New Alarms screen which contains the list of points that have new alarms. An alarm is considered new if the details of the alarm have not been viewed in the Alarms screen. A new alarm is considered read after a user selects the point in alarm and presses OK to view the points details or selects Mark all as read on the New Alarms screen.

Note: A display connected to an SNC supports both BACnet Intrinsic alarming and JCI alarm extensions. A display connected to an equipment controller supports only BACnet Intrinsic alarming.
Note: If the display is not configured, Alarms are displayed for the BACnet exposed points that have Alarms configured.
Figure 1. Alarms screen and New Alarms screen
Table 1. Alarm tile details
Callout Description
1 Alarms / New Alarms screen heading.
2 The blue surround indicates the selected alarm showing the name or description of the point in alarm, present value, and other point details such as status.
3 Favorites icon.
4 Mark all as read button. If you want to mark all new alarms as read, select Mark all as read, shown in the lower right of the New Alarms screen, then press OK. After you mark all alarms as read, the points no longer appear in the New Alarms screen, but the points continue to appear in the Alarms screen until they are no longer in alarm. The Alarms screen displays all the points configured for the display that are currently in alarm.
5 The first number represents the point or tile that you have selected. The second number represents the total number of points or tiles on this page.
6 The Alarm Indicator icon indicates the total number of alarms with the total number of new alarms in parentheses. If all of the new alarms are already marked as read, the Alarm Indicator icon only shows the total alarm count.
You can navigate to the alarms for the device in the following ways:
  • Highlight Alarms in the Main Menu and press OK to see the Alarms screen with the list of total alarms.
  • From the Home, Alarms, Overrides, or Equipment Data screen, select the Alarm Indicator icon with the alarm count in the lower right of the screen, and press OK to see the New Alarms screen.
  • Press Back on the New Alarms screen to go to the Alarms screen.
  • Select Mark all as read in the lower right of the New Alarms screen and press OK to go to the Alarms screen.
  • Select a point in alarm and press OK to see the details for that point such as alarm state, alarm message text, reliability, and priority.