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Local Controller Display User Guide

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Local Controller Display
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The DLK0350 and the integral display on CG series controllers feature popups to indicate the provisioning status of that display.

Table 1. Status messages during display provisioning
Status message Description Notes
Provisioning in Progress Occurs when the host controller initiates staging of firmware files on the display.  
Waiting for Activation Command Firmware file staging is complete. If the firmware update is set to Manual under the Display Settings, then you must give the Activation command through the Display or CCT to initiate the switchover after firmware file staging completes. If the firmware update is set to auto, the switchover occurs automatically.
Transfer Complete. Initiating Switchover Switchover of files is initiated and the display is in the process to restart.  
Provisioning Failed The firmware file provisioning process failed due to an error. After provisioning fails for the first time, the host controller performs up to two more attempts to provision the display. If provisioning fails then the display continues to run the previously loaded firmware.