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Local Controller Display User Guide

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Local Controller Display
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User Guide
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The Main Menu options are Home, Alarms, Overrides, Equipment Data, Trends, Settings, and Log On. You can navigate to different options from the Main Menu as shown in Figure 1 and described in Table 1.

Figure 1. Local controller display Main Menu

To navigate to a Main Menu option, complete the following steps:

  1. On the keypad, press Menu to display the Main Menu.
  2. Press the Up or Down arrows to highlight one of the Main Menu options.
  3. Press OK.
Table 1. Main Menu display options
Main Menu options Description
Home Displays the points that you configure in the Idle Page folder in the display configuration within CCT. These can be important points or frequently referenced input/output or parameter points.
Alarms Displays the alarms for the points configured for the display. For details about the alarm types supported, see Alarms.
Note: If the display is not configured, Alarms are displayed for the BACnet exposed points that have Alarms configured.
Overrides Displays the points that are currently overridden or put out of service.
Equipment Data Displays the Inputs/Outputs page, Parameters page, and any user defined pages for the device.
Trends Displays the trends associated with points configured for display. For details about the trend types supported, see Trends.
Note: If the display is not configured, Trends are displayed for the BACnet exposed points that have Trends configured.
Settings Provides navigation to the sub-menus Display Settings and Controller Settings.
Log On Displays the Log On screen for the display.
Note: This menu option is available only if you have configured authorization for the display in CCT.