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Launcher Installation Guide

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Use Table 1 to troubleshoot the Launcher.

Table 1. Launcher Troubleshooting

Problem or User Message


Unsupported Windows version detected. Windows XP or newer required.

You cannot install Launcher on an unsupported operating system. For a list of supported operating systems, see Launcher System Requirements.

PDF Reader application required for viewing help documentation.

You are installing Launcher on a computer that has no software to open the Launcher Help file. After you install Launcher, install software that can read PDF files (for example, Adobe Reader).

The Launcher icon is missing from the Desktop on my computer.

You need to manually add a shortcut for the Launcher to your Windows Desktop.

If you have Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012, open the Desktop and right-click it to open a submenu. Select New > Shortcut. In the Create Shortcut dialog box, type the following string in the location field, including the quotation marks:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson
                                        Controls\launcher\App\jre\bin\Javaw.exe" -classpath
                                        "C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Controls\launcher\App\/*"

Click Next and specify a name for the shortcut. Click Finish.

If you have Windows 7, click Start > All Programs > Johnson Controls. Right-click Launcher, and then click Send to > Desktop (create shortcut).

If you have an Apple OS, launch Finder, navigate to the Launcher file, right-click the Launcher file, select Make Alias, and then drag the Launcher icon onto your desktop.

The Launcher icon on my computer Desktop is no longer starting Launcher.

This problem applies to Single Site Connection only.

The Launcher files may be in some other location or missing. Right-click the Launcher icon and select Properties. Verify that the location of the Metasys Launcher.exe file specified in the Target field is correct.

Previous entries in the IP Address or Host Name field for the single site connection version of Launcher are not retained.

This problem applies to Single Site Connection only.

This behavior is by design. Use the Create Shortcut option on the Launcher screen to create a shortcut for the configured IP address or host name on the desktop.

Launcher cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

Click OK to clear the error pop-up and press and hold Ctrl while clicking the Launcher Installer window. Select Open from the pop-up menu. The Install Launcher Window appears.

When you try to uninstall Launcher, the following warning message appears:

There are other users logged on to this computer. If you uninstall this program while another user is running it, the program might not uninstall completely.

To uninstall the Launcher application, first make sure that all logged-in users have exited the Launcher. Someone is still logged in with Launcher active. Then use the standard method for uninstalling a program from the Windows operating system.

Screen renders blank when you try to get Launcher from an engine or ADS/X.

Within Compatibility View Settings if Display intranet sites in Compatibility View is selected, the screen will render blank. Uncheck this option in order to display screen correctly.