Uninstalling the Launcher - Metasys - LIT-12011783 - Software Tool - Launcher - 1.7

Launcher Installation Guide

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Note: If you intend to reinstall Launcher or update Launcher in the future, make a copy of the LauncherLinks and Options text files before you uninstall. These files hold the Launcher profiles and some of the Launcher options that you configured. You can go back to these files to help you rebuild the profiles and reapply the options if you later reinstall or upgrade Launcher. You can find these two text files under the Launcher storage location, the path of which can be found under Options also.

Full Launcher on a Windows OS

To uninstall the full version of the Launcher on a Windows OS, first make sure that all currently logged-in users have exited the Launcher. Then use the standard method for uninstalling a program from the Windows operating system. The full Launcher application is identified as Johnson Controls - Launcher 1.6 in the list of installed programs.

Full Launcher on an Apple OS

To uninstall the full version of the Launcher on an Apple OS, drag the Launcher installation file to the trash, then empty the trash.

Single Site Connection Launcher

To uninstall the Single Site Connection version of the Launcher, delete the entire folder that contains the MetasysResource.exe file, and then delete the Metasys Launcher shortcut on the computer desktop. This version of the Launcher is not identified by Windows in the list of installed programs.