Downloading and Installing or Upgrading the Launcher: Full Installation to a Windows OS - Metasys - LIT-12011783 - Software Tool - Launcher - 1.7

Launcher Installation Guide

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  1. Using your web browser, type the website address for the Metasys server (ADS/ADX/ODS), SCT, or supervisory engine (NxE) that you want to access (for example, http://<server name or IP address>/metasys). The Windows Launcher Download screen appears (Figure 1).
    Note: If you have an Internet connection, you may also obtain a stand-alone copy of the Launcher.msi file by browsing to the following web page and clicking the appropriate file under Download:
    Figure 1. Launcher Download Screen: Full Installation

  2. Click Full Launcher Installer. A File Download - Security Warning appears, asking you to run or save the file. Click Save and save the Launcher.msi file to any location on your computer. The download may take several minutes to complete (30 MB file size).
  3. Double-click the installer file you saved in the previous step (Launcher.msi) to begin installation. The Welcome screen appears.
  4. Click Next. The Verify Installation Prerequisites screen appears.

    The Launcher Installer detects whether your computer meets the two software requirements listed under Launcher System Requirements. If you are missing a prerequisite, cancel the installation, satisfy the missing requirement, and then try again to install the Launcher.

  5. Click Next. The End-User License Agreement screen appears.
  6. Select the check box for accepting the terms of the license agreement. Click Next. The Destination Folder screen appears.
  7. Accept the default install location or click Browse to select an alternate location. Keep the Create desktop shortcut check box selected if you want the installer to add the Launcher icon to your desktop. Click Next. The Ready to Install screen appears.
  8. Click Install. When the process completes, the Completed screen appears.
  9. Click Finish. The Launcher installation is complete. If you want to start the Launcher immediately, keep the Run Launcher after clicking Finish check box selected. If you selected the check box for creating the desktop icon, the Launcher icon appears on your desktop.

    For steps on how to open the Launcher, see Starting the Launcher.