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Language Installation Program Installation Guide

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Language Installation Program
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To obtain LIP and language pack compatibility for each release, use the following table.

Table 1. LIP and language pack compatibility
Software release LIP version Language pack version
Metasys 12.0
Metasys 11.0
Metasys 10.1
Metasys 10.0
Metasys 9.0

Metasys 8.1
Metasys 8.0
Metasys 7.0
Metasys 6.5.25
Metasys 6.5
Metasys 6.1
Metasys 6.0
Metasys 5.2/5.3
GGT 1.2 for GGT version 1.2

1.3 for GGT version 1.3

The language pack contains the necessary components for all Metasys servers, applications, and network engines. All language packs, including legacy LIP language packs are available on the License Portal.

Note: We cannot guarantee performance and translation quality when you use a newer LIP Tool with an older language pack, or when applied to an engine at an older Metasys release. For best results, ensure that the LIP Tool and language packs are from the same Metasys release.